Nordman Fir: A native of Russia this species is a very sturdy, open branched Christmas tree. It has a very different look than any of our other species and is actually the preferred tree in Europe. It has dark green needles with a flash of silver on the underside. A very unique conifer for your holiday decorating!

Christmas Tree Selection

Fraser Fir - (pre-cut) Fraser Fir is a native of the mountains of western North Carolina and the Mount Rogers area of Virginia. It is similar in appearance to its Canaan valley cousin with somewhat shorter needles and that same pleasing fir aroma. It has excellent needle retention and will support heavier ornaments.  We bring these to our farm freshly cut from White Top, Virginia in heights up to 8 feet. 

Caring for your Tree

We make sure your tree has a fresh cut at the bottom before you leave the farm. Once you get your newly-cut Christmas tree home, place it in a bucket of water or tree stand containing water; keep the tree well-watered. If the base of the tree is allowed to dry out, a new sap seal will form, preventing the intake of water to rehydrate the tree. Keeping the tree stand full of water will help to ensure the longevity of your holiday tree. A fresh Christmas tree may absorb as much as a gallon or more of water in the first 24 hour period and several quarts in the following days. A fresh well-watered tree is not a fire hazard!

Trees prefer to be in cool environment and out of drafts, so don’t place them near a direct heat source. It’s best place your tree away from a fireplace, wood stove, or heat vent.

To ensure a safe and joyous holiday season, be sure that you test your lights and check the cords and connections to assure everything is in good working order before hanging them on the tree. Don’t forget to unplug lights when you go to bed or leave the home.


2020 Changes: Claybrooke Farm will only be open for appointment-based tree pick-up for the 2020 Christmas season.

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Canaan Fir - Canaan Fir is a native of the Canaan Valley in West Virginia. Like other true firs, it has short blue green needles and a pleasing, fragrant aroma. It has good needle retention and decorates well, easily accommodating heavier ornaments and lights.

The Real Christmas Tree Experience

 Additional Services

  • We are pet friendly! We just ask that you keep your pet on a leash during you visit.
  • Sample trees to help you find the perfect tree
  • Hayrides to the fields (weather permitting, of course)
  • Bow saws provided to cut your tree (no chainsaws please)
  • Shaking and Baling
  • Assistance loading your tree
  • A Christmas Shop full of holiday ornaments, tree stands and accessories, and Virginia products
  • We accept several forms of payment including: Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover), Cash, and Checks

White Pine - The White Pine is native to the mountains of Virginia. This tree has soft, blue and green needles and has excellent needle retention. The White Pine is best decorated with lightweight ornaments.